Minttu Tala

If I had to find a word that has always followed me, giving meaning to my life, it would be Freedom. I have always found freedom important, freedom to express yourself and freedom to be your unique, true self.  

For large parts of my life, I had lost my true self in trying to fit in the demands and expectations of my surroundings, especially work environment. I really felt there was something wrong with me, that I wasn’t good enough.

It was at a very low point in my life that I realised, I couldn’t go on like that for much longer. On paper I had it all, gorgeous children, a cat and a dog and an exciting international lifestyle, yet I was feeling very depressed and didn’t want to go on. I would wake up every morning feeling dread for the day ahead, for no apparent reason. I new something had to change and that could only come from the inside.

I stepped back onto the path of self-discovery that I had started in my early twenties and subsequently had got sidetracked from. Once you make a decision, the universe has a cunning way of answering that call and this is how RTT appeared into my life. It helped me deep dive into my subconscious programming and cut the chains to the anchors that had been dragging me along the seabed. It allowed me open up my sails and let the wind of joy to push me forwards. I am now passionate about helping others to find their freedom with the help of RTT, just like I have. 

I am a Licensed RTT Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Healer and an EFT (Emotion Freedom Technique) practitioner. I was born and raised in South Western part of Finland and as a child I was very free spirited. I loved playing outside, running in the woods, swimming in the sea, climbing trees, playing in the snow, ice skating and trying every activity around, any new hobby that came about, you name it, I tried it. I also loved reading and already at quite young age, could stay up all night reading books I couldn’t put down.

This curiosity for life and experiences has stayed with me all my life, accompanied by a thirst for freedom. I have always been passionate about helping other people. This calling lead on to me studying health care and then later teaching. However, both the formal health care and educational systems did not resonate with me and I always felt restricted. In my late 40’ies I discovered I had ADHD which, at first came as a bit of a shock. But, in hindsight, it explained so much of my life: all the struggles I had with things other people seem to simply get on with, the highs and lows and the ever-present feeling of being different, thinking there was something wrong with me. 

I now realise, I used to spend so much energy in trying to fit in, trying to cope and be like others – masking (which is so common for female ADHD sufferers). All my life I had been labelled lazy, messy, selfish and always too sensitive. I was a people loving introvert which is a challenge in itself, but common for sensitive people like me. But, most of all, it explained my low self-esteem and lack of confidence and the harsh critical narrative I had going on in my head about myself most of the time. 

Finding out I had ADHD and learning RTT have been turning points in my life. Through self-discovery with the help of RTT I have learned to love myself and become compassionate and caring towards my needs and desires, and most of all, I have learned to own my unique quirkiness, my special sensitivities which turned out to be my super power! As an empath who has always cared for people, I am now passionate about helping other women who suffer from similar issues I did, (with or without ADHD) to transform their lives. I want to give women back the self-confidence, self-worth and deep love for themselves, they were born with so that they can thrive and live every day with joy.