What My Clients Say

​- Your mind believes what you tell it, so tell it better things. –

Marisa Peer

Minttu came highly recommended to me for hypnotherapy and RTT. My goal was to stop smoking after 10 years of smoking 20+ a day. I had tried before, but it had never stuck and I always found it really difficult. For the first 3 days I did struggle to not smoke, but it was not the same struggle as before. I knew I wasn't going to smoke. I knew that I feel amazing and Minttu has helped me so much. I am forever grateful to her and the whole experience.
I recently had a RTT sesssion with Minttu. I had a childhood scar which was created through a traumatic situation. I suffered some bullying as a result of this. In adulthood I got the scar lasered and whilst it looks a million times better, the pain was still there. RTT is not superficial. It get to the root of the problem. Minttu is highly skilled practitioner and I recommend her to everyone. It has been life changing for me.
I was recommended to contact Minttu by a friend who said she had helped her a lot. I was feeling overwhelmed by work, high stress levels which impacted on my confidence and feelings of self-worth. After our session, my mind was calmed, I was able to pick out the information I needed to show that I was suitable for the job. I had almost given up on my ability to interview but after our session I was successful and got the job! I feel much happier and relaxed in all areas of my life, my only regret is that I didn't do this years ago.