What My Clients Say

​- Your mind believes what you tell it, so tell it better things. –

Marisa Peer

Minttu came highly recommended to me for hypnotherapy and RTT. My goal was to stop smoking after 10 years of smoking 20+ a day. I had tried before, but it had never stuck and I always found it really difficult. For the first 3 days I did struggle to not smoke, but it was not the same struggle as before. I knew I wasn't going to smoke. I knew that I feel amazing and Minttu has helped me so much. I am forever grateful to her and the whole experience.
I recently had a RTT sesssion with Minttu. I had a childhood scar which was created through a traumatic situation. I suffered some bullying as a result of this. In adulthood I got the scar lasered and whilst it looks a million times better, the pain was still there. RTT is not superficial. It get to the root of the problem. Minttu is highly skilled practitioner and I recommend her to everyone. It has been life changing for me.
I was recommended to contact Minttu by a friend who said she had helped her a lot. I was feeling overwhelmed by work, high stress levels which impacted on my confidence and feelings of self-worth. After our session, my mind was calmed, I was able to pick out the information I needed to show that I was suitable for the job. I had almost given up on my ability to interview but after our session I was successful and got the job! I feel much happier and relaxed in all areas of my life, my only regret is that I didn't do this years ago.

I have been struggling for many years with low self-worth and fear of speaking my mind. Minttu took me on a journey of discovery through RTT that helped me to understand the cause of my insecurities and what was stopping me to uncover them. Minttu provided such kind guidance and a safe and loving space for me to look for the answers I needed. After our session I feel happier, I am kinder to myself and braver to speak my mind and recognize my worth. And if my mind tried to go back to old patterns of negative self talk I use the wonderful audio recording that Minttu provided after our session to reinforce self love and change old beliefs about myself that are no longer useful and keep me from achieving my full potential. Eternal thanks dear Minttu!

Mary, England

I had some RTT therapy with Minttu and I can say it has changed my life! I felt I needed a bit more help with childhood trauma and my confidence. This therapy works fast, straight into your minds subconscious and reprogrammes the thought pattern which are holding you back. I would recommend Minttu and this type of therapy to everyone. I have used the recordings she sent me after the two sessions, which really works to cement all the new beliefs. Game changing therapy!

Lisa, England